“No” is a Perfectly Acceptable Answer

Dear Potential Customer,

We need to talk. There is this terrible rumor going around that I’m hoping we can squash right now, once and for all.

The honest truth… we, the salespeople of the world, are okay with hearing the word “No”. Seriously. We are perfectly, totally and absolutely without-a-shadow-of-a-doubt okay with hearing the word “No”! There may be a little song-and-dance associated with that word if we’re worth our weight in commissions.

“Can you elaborate on why you have to say no at this time?”

“Thank you for considering us, curious what made you choose our competitor…”

etc… etc… etc., but these are simply our way of making sure you really mean “No” instead of “Not right now” or “I haven’t quite made up my mind”.

However, when it all comes down to it, we really do appreciate your “No”. The reason? Without a definitive answer… we see hope. Any good sales person knows that you may need to “touch” a customer more than 5 times to close a deal.

So if we don’t hear a “No”, we continue on. We continue calling, we continue emailing, we send hand-written notes thanking you for you time, build your information into spreadsheets with carefully tracked notes and scientifically monitor every moment in CRMs. We spend valuable time and resources making sure that your non-answer isn’t a missed opportunity.

Please, do us a favor (It will save both of us a tremendous amount of time.), if you really aren’t interested, remember the mantra we all had drilled into our brain during the 80’s & 90’s:

Just say No

Many Thanks,

Sales People

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