Social Media: The Next Generation of Customer Service

Quick Fact: Did you know that, on average, 3 out of 10 people would rather reach out to a business on social media than through the phone? That’s 30% of your customer base! Curious… are you dedicating 30% of your marketing or service resources to Social Media? When dealing with complaints that number jumps to MORE THAN 50%!

The growth of social media over the last decade has dramatically changed the landscape when it comes to conversations between a business and their client. Instead of occurring behind closed doors, on a private phone line or one-on-one by email, the majority of customers’ questions & concerns take place on a very public forum. Plus, they expect you (the business) to deliver a response within hours.

Needless to say (wait… I just did say it) it’s crucial for your organization to have social media guidelines in place. Know, in advance, how you and your employees plan on responding to customer comments (good and bad). At the absolute least, this will improve the overall customer experience.  Which is NEVER a bad thing!

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