Furry Coworkers – UltiMUTTely PAWsitive or PURRfectly CATastrophic?

We previously discussed the ultimate controversy of single vs. double spacing, and here we are stirring the pot again. Are animals in the workplace the best idea ever, or are they just walking allergenic lawsuits waiting to happen? 

Pet-friendly workplaces are becoming more and more common these days. Whether it’s a bookstore in which cats greet you, a toy store with pups curled up at the counter, or an office aquarium full of colorful fish, the sentiments toward animals as co-workers keep shifting.

Pets make our lives better – but do they make our workspace better too? 

As with most things in life, there are pros and cons to allowing pets in your office. 

  • Pets reduce stress, improve morale, and often increase employee satisfaction. They are great at breaking the ice and sparking social interaction. UNLESS they chew through your coworker’s computer cable or leave a hairball on their desk.
  • Allowing pets can serve as a recruiting and retaining tool for your hires. UNLESS you finally find the perfect employee sent straight from heaven to your door, but they were bitten at the age of four and can’t relax next to a dog. 
  • They are great for your mental health, UNLESS your colleague’s pet is a hairy tarantula and you suffer from arachnophobia. 

When deciding your office policy, make sure to consider all pros and cons. You may have to retain insurance or provide a waiver to your employees, get your landlord’s permission, consider hygiene, and think about what you will do if a visiting animal doesn’t get along with the rest of the team.

In the meantime, however – Rock Harbor Marketing is very proud to introduce their animal coworkers!

Jen, CEO/Social Media Strategist

Dog Dave Bowie aka just Bowie, 2 years old, Black German Shepherd/Labrador Mix

Sweetest little jerk.

Favorite activity
Tug of war with Dad and chasing birds on the beach.

Memorable moments
We enjoy our rearranged living room on the days Bowie stays home. He’s got an eye for interior decoration, which keeps things fresh and predictively unpredictable.

Gail, Online Media

Queso, orange tabby, 3 years old; Claude, black & tan tabby, 6 years old; Nicholas, grey tabby, 7 years old

Queso’s the youngest, and the leader. Claude is a lump, turns on the charm but usually a jerk. Nicky is like cotton candy. He’s sweet, but there’s not much there.

Favorite Activity
Eating and drinking from the faucets.

Memorable moments
I just had to throw out a suitcase one of them (Claude?) vomited into.

Andrea, Content Creator

Two cats, siblings, 13 years old, Dublin Mudslide & Mission to Marzipan

Marzipan thinks he is a dog and he will definitely try to drink your wine. Dublin mostly doesn’t know what she is, where she is, and why she is. 

Favorite Activity
Sitting on my laptop with their butts in my face; sleeping; purposefully ejecting hair everywhere (I swear!)

Memorable moments
I remember when I came home from work to find 2 smashed flower pots on the floor. They were incorrectly placed on the fireplace mantel, which obviously no cat can tolerate.

It appears that at Rock Harbor Marketing, cats rule (and dogs probably indeed drool). Share your pets with us in the comments!

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Andrea Chmelik

Andrea Chmelik

Social Media Strategist & Content Creator

Andrea is a social media strategist and a content writer for RHM who believes in the power of positive messaging. Her press releases, email campaigns, and digital media strategy lead to increased visibility, higher engagement, and improved brand recognition.

Andrea is an avid Writer. Speaker. Activist. Content creator. Women’s March SLO co-founder. Wine enthusiast. Pickle elitist. Cat lover. Optimist.

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