How To Never Run Out of Social Media Content

Or, as we call it, SOS – Strategy Over Scramble!

Your New Year’s resolution was to successfully increase your social media presence and build a digital marketing strategy that will last. Yet here you are, one month in, and you’re already out of ideas. You go on Facebook to get inspired. An hour of mindless scrolling later, you realize you still don’t know what you’re going to post for your business. Sounds familiar? 

Fret no more! It’s all there at your fingertips. All you need is a cheat sheet and a gentle reminder that you ARE a New Year’s Resolution Crusher (flowing cape, tight suit, and all that included!)


Businesswoman wearing a cape and mask, flying through the sky

The only thing to remember when using this cheat sheet is to customize the content so that it is relevant to your business and supports your overall marketing strategy. And before you get crafting, it is worth looking at your upcoming week and month, and highlighting important dates – whether it’s holidays, special events, upcoming product or service launches, milestones, or sales and giveaways. Once your calendar is set, get creative!


SOS Social Media Posting Cheat Sheet

1. Poll your followers:

Not only will you engage them to share their opinions, but you will gain insightful information about them. (Want to start a heated, passionate discussion? Just ask if they prefer single space or double space!)

2. Celebrate Nation Day Today:

Whether they are federal holidays, cultural festivities, awareness causes, or just pure fun days, there is always a reason to celebrate. Pick a couple each month and go all in!

3. Create a weekly or monthly series:

There’s a reason why Throw Back Thursday was so popular! Come up with a recurring series that your audience will love.

4. Share helpful life hacks:

You are an expert in your field! Bite-size tips and resources work incredibly well.

5. Host a challenge:

Hosting a challenge is a great and fun way to connect with your audience, plus you can raise awareness and/or spotlight your followers and customers at the same time.

6. Create a how-to tutorial video:

Share a serious one that will make your customers’ lives easier, or do a spoof one that will make them laugh.

7. Ask for advice:

Then share the most useful feedback with your followers.

8. Share good reviews:

Yep, you are allowed to brag! You have worked hard and made a customer happy – the world should know about it.

9. Host AMA:

Host a live Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. Make it broad (ask me anything about dogs) or announce a specific topic (ask me anything about a healthy diet for beagles).

10. Go behind the scenes:

Connect with your audience by letting them know more about you and your team. Whether it’s a live or pre-recorded video, snapshots from your day, or photos of your team members with their favorite products they sell, let people see how the sausage is made!

11. Run a contest or giveaway:

Doesn’t everyone love perks, free stuff, and the excitement of possible winning?

12. Celebrate a milestone or accomplishment:

Have you achieved a goal? Were you recognized in the local press? Did you win an award? Your fans will be happy to celebrate with you!

13. Share a recipe:

What meal powered you through the latest deadline? Which drink did you share when you celebrated a major business milestone? What comfort food do you go to when you are having a rough week at work? Or – which is your favorite bakery on this National Chocolate Cake Day?

14. Hype up an upcoming launch:

Whether it’s a new product, service, event, or new client announcement, build suspense and keep your audience guessing with clever clues – whether it’s in a mysterious video, photo, or quote context. We all have a little bit of Sherlock in us!

15. Repurpose your own content:

Do you have a recent press release or a blog post? Did you see a study that is relevant to your work? Create infographics or inspirational graphics with the content you already have.

16. Share wisdom and inspirational quotes:

Whether your own or someone else’s (just make sure you credit people properly), sharing inspirational content is a great way to engage with your audience. Don’t just share a quote, ask people if and how they relate and illustrate your own situation that made you choose that particular wisdom.

17. Fill in the blank:

Today my goal is to _____, One thing I am proud of is _____, My favorite self-care method is ____. You get it!

18. Share the love:

Congratulate someone on their achievement, highlight an organization you support, recommend a product that you love.

19. Make a slow-mo video:

Trust us, they are so fun!

20. Ask people to use emojis or gifs to answer your question:

“How are all you parents doing on your kids’ first day back to school?”

These tips can be mixed matched, and extended as far as your creativity takes you! If you come across a social media post that you love (funny, inspiring, inventive, informational, unconventional, engaging, etc), add it to this basic list and keep it in your inventory. That way you will never ever have to worry about what to post again!


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