To Space… or To Double Space. That is the Question.

It’s a modern day conundrum (and 1st world problem) that has been brought to my attention a number of times lately. When typing a series of sentences… is it 2 spaces after the end punctuation, or 1? Before I go any further lock in your answer.

There is some pretty concrete thinking behind this debate.  Apparently, “back in the day”, all typeface had equal spacing between letters called monospacing. However, with the advent of the computer and the bajillion different fonts and typefaces that followed, spacing became proportional.  You can see two great examples of what I’m saying below.

Here’s what I’ve discovered through my completely scientific and super official poll (they really need to create a punctuation mark for sarcasm):

  • if you’re over 45ish and learned to type on a keyboard via typewriter… you very likely double-space.  (In fact, it just feels icky not too!)
  • If you’re 45ish and younger… you likely learned on a computer and single-space it all day long. (Double-spacing is for old people)

What’s your take on this not-even-remotely contentious topic?  While this is likely to be an age debate more than a literary one, we have to wonder… is either side right or wrong?  And most importantly, does it really even matter? Also, Did you notice that I typed half of the paragraphs in this post with double space, and half with single spacing?

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