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Taking over management of the Certified American Grown Brand to help broaden their reach and quality of content has been one of the most fulfilling jobs to-date. While we maybe have been hired to help the organization grow and eventually branch into its own independent entity, we quickly discovered we were actually helping hundreds of American flower farmers thrive under the continually growing threat of imported flowers. We’ve not only become a fully integrated digital marketing division for all of Certified American Grown (digital advertising, social media, email marketing, blogging, press releases, and website updates), but we have also been able to bring our years of expertise to other mediums as well (Television, print, strategic planning, and boots on the ground at events).

Websites: American Grown Flowers

Social Media: All Certified American Grown channels

Email Marketing: Crafting & scheduling internal & marketing campaigns to their database of 23k+

Blogging: American Grown Farms, Origin Matters

Video Campaigns: Working with our partners at Room for Cream Films, we worked to create a video to help bring awareness to the issue American Flower Farmers were facing during COVID-19. This reached thousands through our online audience and over-air in Los Angeles & Sacramento via broadcast television. View video below.

Hiring Rock Harbor Marketing was one of the best things we have done to organize and elevate our multiple brands and events. Travis and his team not only organized our look, message, and content experience online with the California Cut Flower Commission, Certified American Grown, and our Field To Vase event series, but they also contributed in a BIG WAY to our team.
RHM even earned top honors in an international social good marketing competition from their work, helping our members get national attention during the COVID-19 pandemic. We would recommend them to any organization, big or small, to create an impact for sustainable business growth.
David Pruitt

Administrator, Certified American Grown


Certified American Grown


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Dec 1, 2019





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