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When the GALA Pride & Diversity Center (previously Gay And Lesbian Alliance) was in need of a total website refresh, we were excited to throw our hat in the ring. We’ve been big fans of GALA’s human rights work, and jumped at the opportunity to partner with a fantastic local organization that aligned with our personal beliefs.

We worked closely with the Director, Michelle Call, to create a website showcasing GALA’s growing list of services to our local LGBTQ+ community, along with featuring a wide variety of partner organizations, local resources, links to other San Luis Obispo County LGBTQ+ supporting business, and more.

Rock Harbor Marketing worked with us to create our new website at www.galacc.org and we couldn’t be happier. Travis Ford listened to what we wanted and created a dynamic and colorful site that we all love! Ongoing support and help tweaking have been fabulous. We highly recommend. Michelle Call, Executive Director, The Gala Pride and Diversity Center
Michelle Call

Executive Director, Gala Pride & Diversity Center


GALA Pride & Diversity Center



Sept 2019





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