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Our relationship began in January of 2010 when we were hired to manage all Marketing & Advertising for Kern Glass & Aluminum.

Our primary goal was to get them up-to-speed with all current social media channels at the time (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google+ & LinkedIn) and have continued to make sure they are present & active ever since.

We’ve been excited to manage Kern Glass’ digital reputation for a decade, as-well-as their primary resource of ideas, information & advice for everything from a newly designed logo to daily branding & design for their employees. We look forward to more great stuff for years to come!

View their social channels through the links below.

UPDATE (October 2020) This month we launched Kern Glass & Aluminum’s fully redesigned website. Built with purpose and real customer communication in mind, their fully responsive and dynamic website is a fantastic platform for potential customers to get information, communicate with their staff, and even book an appointment. We also designed an online portal for their growing employee roster to access important company documents, submit their timecards, and more.

Working with Rock Harbor has made social media one less headache I have to worry about. Travis is always going above and beyond to make sure our clients and followers have the most up to date information.  From friendly post on Holidays to helping us recover lost and stolen items. Rock Harbor has always had our back!

Adam Cline



Kern Glass


Start Date

JAN 14, 2010


BRANDING & Advertising


Social Media, Advertising, Video Production, Website Design

Here are a few of the Television Ad spots we created over the years…

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